Just do it, start.

Joyful is the soul when we first hear its whispers for the soul knows the person can not turn back… I wrote this in my journal the other day and have been thinking about this…I am an artist. I paint. I create. I make stuff that never existed before, its inside of me so deep my soul sings it!! Cant deny it, i cant stuff it into a hobby corner.  Once i knew i needed to pursue a creative life/career and let go of the ” what i think everyone thinks an adult and mother should be doing as a career”, everything changed.. Its scary. The fear of not being taken seriously. The fear of disappointing the very people i look up to.. the fear that maybe im crazy for going for it… in time some of  it softens but i have no choice but to work toward my souls creative calling, its about acceptance.  I will never be happy working in pharmacy or cashiering or stuffed up somewhere in an office wearing shoes.. 🙂   i need this creative life. My soul needs this!

For me, finding other artists has been monumental to the process! Luckily i have stumbled upon a great community of artists through groups such as Journal 52, DLP, Art exchange happy mail love and then Flying Lessons and Art 101: artists supporting artists. So far its mostly women, women that support, share and uplift each other because they understand the artistic life. They understand the artists way of thinking. They understand that need to create and how fulfilling it is. They also know the ups and downs and all about that inner critic. Having understanding folks in my life, even if its online, has really helped turn my thoughts and feelings into a possible reality. Ive been watching others taking steps toward their dreams like picking up a brush again, sharing their art, writing their first blog post :), opening a shop, selling their first painting, learning the business side and stepping out in courage! What an inspiration!  I am so grateful for all of these wonderful folks! Thanks you art friends!

Speaking of taking steps, starting a blog to share my art and my process  is one of mine. When something FEELS like a big deal, it just means that its important to us. People start blogs everyday, all the time. Ive been looking at this wordpress “add new post” for over a month and coming up with excuses like, i dont have finished art to show, what do i really want to share, i dont like how this blog looks and other nit picky stuff. You know what my art  friends say? Just do it! Just do it. Start.They know it will be ok. They know they made their first blog post and are still alive! We all have to start.  So with my free plain blog and no pictures yet i am just going to do it. I dont know how this blog will end up but I am starting. I dont know what im really doing but im starting. Here we go. I am going to post this now… and by that i mean hit “Publish”, not “save draft” and come back later.. lol  🙂  Thank you.


15 thoughts on “Just do it, start.

  1. Very proud of my beautiful wife for doing this. Can’t wait for the world to see her wonderful artistic mind like my kids and me see.

  2. Yes! You did it. Good for you. We all feel this. I do too. You’ve described it beautifully. Thanks for that. It’s like with our art. We are all at different stages of the journey. you have taken this step and will take the next.
    It’s great to be sharing it in our art communities. Thanks for being here too! Thanks for your open attitude, for being frank, for daring this. 😀

  3. Very proud of my beautiful wife for being brave and publishing this. She has a wonderful creative mind and should share it with the world.

  4. Congratulations!! 🙂 Good for you for feeling the fears and doing it anyway. I felt your words here could have been coming out of my own mouth. You are not alone! I am glad to be in such great company in DLP, Flying Lessons, and Art 101 with you. My first post was very similar with one lonely picture of a street sign and a few short paragraphs and plain black blog header and side with no customization/personalization. Baby steps have led me to a more personalized blog that I’m happier with. Keep taking these steps and being brave and following your soul. I look forward to growing with you and seeing this site evolve. 🙂 Celebrate your courage!

    • Thank you for checking out my first post! I really appreciate the truth in the support! When ive read others describing certain steps they have taken and how they felt the nervousness, fear or excitement..and then I felt all of it too! I know we are all so much alike in this way and it feels really good knowing that im not alone! Thank you!

  5. YESSSS!!!!! Way to go on your first post!
    You are soooo right, we all start and we all survive that first “publish” button. 😀
    Super-proud of you for beating resistance and doing it anyways. 🙂

    Many Smooches,

    Raine {from Flying Lessons. 😉 }

  6. BRAVO!!! Super brave and exciting first step Tanya!! Pictures are nice and all but it always comes back to good content (imo) and I thought this was an excellent post. LOVE the first line of your post, so beautiful. Finding community with other artists has been SO SO helpful to me, I really feel I’m achieving more, in a shorter timeframe and I’m feeling more positive about it because of all the support.

    And yes for me it’s not the shoes but the jeans. I need a job where I can wear jeans and not uncomfortable corporate clothing!!

    • Thank you! Community is so important! Last year i felt like i was the only person in my place, i didnt know where to even start, were my ideas and dreams possible? At the beginning of the year i stumbled upon some groups and i was so happy inside to know there were so many others just like me! Then coming upon Flying lessons and Art 101 is when i started seeing that its possible to build on this creativity and really turn it into something! And now im really trying to build a body of work and there is more of a purpose to it! Also seeing all of you working on your goals, creating these great pieces of art and making things happen is SO inspiring!! Im so happy! Thanks again!

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