Finding creative time


an evening at the farm

The busy summer is coming to a close! With the farm work winding down and children going back to school i can now get back into the creative swing of things!

Quick insight about my summer: During the summer i help out on our somewhat small family farm that sells organic food, “Mikes berries, vegetables and more”.  Its operated by my folks Mike and Carolyn Miller. With the help of a few family members and some friends we grow and sell strawberries, over 30 types of garlic, potatoes and other garden goodies using no chemicals, no pesticides.. its a lot of work and hard to find time for making art.

As much as i look forward to summer, it can be a challenge trying to squeeze creative time in! Sometimes my daughter and i do crafts like making journals or decorating envelopes during our nighttime routine before sleep. Its fun and relaxing! Other than summer, I find a great spot when im waiting for my kids to get out of school while sitting in the car! I always take a sketch book and pencils. If your kids are in sports, get your art on while you are at their practice. Pencils, pens, water color pencils or crayons with a water brush, you can set these down, check out your kids athletic moves and it all packs up easily too! Any place where you are parked/sitting and waiting is a chance to grab! The waiting room at the Dr. or dentist office is good! We all know that could be an hour! Watching the kids outside, if im not pushing one on the swing(or swinging myself!), i love making art outside! On a long phone call? Go ahead and doodle.  When life gets busy its important to keep an eye out for times when we can squeeze in the things that refuel us!





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